Burns News for 2015

My brand new show about Robert Burns and his notorious reputation as a womanizer:
The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns
will air in on Burns’ Day 25th January 2015 on
BBC Radio Scotland
written and presented by me
as part of Burns’ Festival Season.


I will also be appearing at The Alloway Burns Festival
in January 2015, with my one-woman Burns-inspired show:
Keara Murphy: Mice & Women

Burns Gie It Laldy

“Intelligent Burns banter”
Eric Roberts

Keara brings a warmth and enthusiasm with her,not to mention a deep knowledge and passion for Robert Burns
Graham Blaikie
Scottish Licence Trade Association

Keara Murphy: Mice & Women
I recently performed my brand new one-woman show, Keara Murphy: Mice & Women, at The Big Burns Supper Festival in Dumfries in January and again at The Burns An’ A’ That festival in Ayr in May 2014.

The show is a modern parallel to the Robert Burns poem,
To A Mouse.

Whilst preparing her annual Burns Supper speech, a wee mousie popped its head out from under Keara’s couch to ask, politely, if he could share her rice.  After a courteous conversation involving a hammer, Keara pondered the line in Robert Burns’, To A Mouse: A daimen icker in a thrave’s a sma’ request“.  Should Keara grant the mousie’s request or lay down fifty shades of warfarin for the wee blighter?  Are women too soft on mice? Or do they just want them eradicated from their kitchen? If women continue to treat mice ‘humanely’ will they eventually take over the telly? And what of men?  Are men not just gigantic mice?  After extensive on-the-job research, Keara thinks this may be so.  Therefore, like Rabbie Burns before her, Keara muses the parallels between the species and laments.

“Passionate, enthusiastic and deeply knowledgeable about Robert Burns
Scottish Licence Trade Association

This show is a modern parallel of Robert Burns poem,
To A Mouse, taking in the themes of crushing loneliness, intense isolation and the need for companionship in Steinbeck’s novella (also a parallel of Burns’ poem) Of Mice and MenIt also involves scrabble and chicken and Snickers Bars and that – and the main difference between this show and that novella is that this show is a comedy.

A great character actress whose comic creations go beyond the one-dimensional sketches, they live!
And make you laugh and cry!
The Scotsman

Big Burns Supper Colour Logo

As well as launching my own Burns-inspired show this year, I also toasted The Response on Behalf of The Lassies at The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh at Scotland’s largest Burns Supper,
alongside Karen Dunbar and Des Clarke in aid of
Saint Columbas Hospice

Keara and the Gang at Corn Exchange Burns Supper

Karen Dunbar, James Martin (Still Game) Keara Murphy, Des Clarke, Carrie, Skerryvore lead singer

The Bard and I
 I have loved Burns ever since I was a wee lassie.  My siblings and I were brought down to Alloway to explore Burns’ Cottage and The Burns’ National Heritage Park.  We were all given a bit of pocket money and my brothers and sisters spent theirs wisely on Knickerbockerglories and Seven Up. I blew mine on a large book of poetry. My siblings have proper jobs now whilst I stay at home and read aloud to the mice.  So, I do feel I can relate pretty closely to Rabbie Burns, for the life of the pauper poet is not much different from the life of the jobbing comic.

A wee clip of me in action…

Keara offers an emotive and personal alternative to a traditional Burns tribute act.  Her 20 minute set  was packed with discussion, jokes and a little poetry.  She was well received by our crowd of all ages on who enjoyed the intelligent Burns banter

Eric Roberts, Friday FixVoodoo Rooms

With all the gang at The Mercat

I have had the pleasure of working with Keara on many occasions.  She is a very funny, engaging and experienced comedian who can raise an electric atmosphere with virtually every audience.  When we were looking for After Dinner Speakers for our hugely successful Burns Nights, we looked no further than Keara. Presenting The Reply on Behalf of The Lassies and The Address to the Haggis, we were all entertained by Keara’s wonderful wit and practiced prose. She then led a massive audience sing-song at the end of the evening involving some of Rabbie’s finest works, finishing with Auld Lang Syne!
Keara is a polished, versatile performer and a fun woman to have around – A Femme Extraordinaire! – Especially on Burns Night.”

Chris Reid, Henricks Bar, Edinburgh

Funny Cartoon Bagpipes with a Face

I have booked Keara many times over the years for a variety of events and she never disappoints.  She has done Burns Night for me on many, many occasions and she always brings a warmth and enthusiasm with her, along with a deep and passionate knowledge for Robert Burns.
Response on Behalf of the Lassies is informative, funny, cheeky and above all loyal to TheBardShe also does a mean Address to the Haggis making it well understood  and very funny with added mime and gesture for those of us not as adept at Scots as Keara.
One of the finest addresses I have ever seen
Graham Blaikie
Scottish Licence Trade Association

“Dare to be honest and fear no labour” Robert Burns

It was a pleasure to hear Keara Murphy recite Burns at The Friday Fix’s Comedy Burns Night in January.  Her clarity and passion made for an intelligent, earthy and robust reading

Fiona MacDonald

Member of the Robert Burns World Federation