The Bangor Boat’s Away

In Grannie’s House I run into the hall

The Big Grandmother Clock goes

Cling Cling

On the wall

I say, Cling Cling, back

To you too Mrs Clock

Then I go to explore

Granny's Clock

I like my green sandals

On Grannie’s hall floor

And the diamond shaped tiles

That run up to the door


I play ‘Hopscotch’ on them

They are all black and are white

I do skipping on them sometime

And can reach quite a height

Granny's Hall Tiles Diamonds

I like Grannie’s backyard

With her great big white sheets

Blowing up in the wind

So I play Hide and Seek


I like spinning round

Like a nice ballerina 

But I get all entangled

And become a hyena


There’s not any grass

In Grannie’s Backyard

I like skipping there

Coz the ground is quite hard


Not like in Glasgow –

When it gets very muddy

My socks are all white now

It’s really quite funny


I find a secret passageway

In Grannie’s Backyard

It’s behind the bins

And I’m always on guard

Coz no-one else knows

It’s only just me

And I play here alone

And I like to be free


The passage is long 

With two great big walls

But not any doors

Or windows at all


Oh, dear, I see!

Yes, there’s windows as well

But I’m still very small

And can’t reach them at all


I walk a way down

And it feels a bit scary

I see tiny flowers

That are nice and are smelly


There is flowers of green

And some white ones as well

And there’s even yellow ones

That are shaped like a bell
Others are purple

And orange

And blue

And red ones

And pink ones

With thorns on them too


I see a wee spider

Come up from the ground

She looks very sad

I say, please do not frown


Guess what, little Spider

I have Lemonade!

It’s in Grannie’s Pantry

But we both need to wait

Coz it’s not quite yet ready

And not nearly made


I put my hand down

Full flat on the ground

And Wee Spider climbs up

And walks all around


But very soon later

It feels really tickley 

So I shake it right off

And it feels much less prickly


I say, Little spider

Be good

And be kind

Be nice

And be happy

And when it’s all made

We can go to the kitchen

And drink Lemonade



I see a nice butterfly

All white and all black

Like in Grannie’s nice hallway

Where I soon will go back


Oh! I just nearly catched it!

In the Big Tall Green Hedge

But it fluttered away

It flew right round the edge


So I walk to the end

To see who is there

And spied a big garage

And a head of red hair

Oh, It is my sister, Mary Margaret

Who was looking for me

She said, this is Grannie’s House

Can you not see?


Oh, I must have been sleeping

The first time I came

From off of the boat

But I now know the game


I like my green sandals

On Grannie’s red step

And the golden letterbox

Where last I had slept


I like the big knob

That looks like a fox

But it’s too high to reach

To give it a knock


So, I go up on my toes

And shout down the hall

Grannie! Grannie!”

I’m back

Did you know that at all?

“No milk today

Shouts Grannie

And laughs

“I’m not The Milk Man


So don’t be so daft


Here comes Grannie

Walking Down her nice hall

And opens the door,

“Well! Well Well!

Where did ye get to at all?”


Well, I saw a butterfly

Just like your hall floor

And some lovely flowers

And quite a lot more!


But is’t now nearly bedtime

And I bounce on her knee

Up and Down; Up and Down

And I shout

Wee Wee Wee Weeeeeeeeeeee


She holds me so tightly

To make me so safe

And rocks me

Back and Forth;

And smiles in my face


She holds onto my wrists

Says, Now, here we go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

And I do not resist:

The Bangor Boat’s Away!

It Has No Time To Stay!

Blow Your Horn!

For Indian Corn!

The Bangor Boat’s




Well, she nearly did drop me

On her lovely rug

But she catches me


And we both have a hug



And holding on tightly



Again here we go…

The Bangor Boats away…

Bangor Boat