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Keara Murphy is great character actress whose comic creations go beyond the one-dimensional sketches; they live, and make you laugh and cry

Mistress Mac And Archie Croppped

Mistress MacKenzie and her flying squirrel, Archie!

Murphy’s amateur radio ham (Mistress MacKenzie) from a remote corner of Scotland is an oddball delight!

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I love Mistress MacKenzie. She is my broadcasting hero!
Janice Forsyth Culture Show
BBC Radio Scotland

You can find out much more about Mistress MacKenzie and the full cast of characters and learn more about life in Glenclootie by visiting her website here:

You can follow and interact with Mistress MacKenzie on Twitter: @MistressMacKenz

You can find and follow Mistress MacKenzie on Facebook here: MistressMacKenzie

You can listen to Mistress MacKenzie broadcasting her show from BBC Radio Scotland here: Mistress MacKenzie

Who Is Mistress MacKenzie, anyway?
Only the HOTTEST thing to come out of Strathbungle like, ever!

Mistress is an elderly woman who lives in the remotest part of Scotland, Strathbungle. She runs a small dairy farm and a possibly haunted guest house, The Midgie View.

In an attempt to somehow communicate with the outside world, she has set up an old Ham radio in her Garden Shed, where she broadcasts home school lessons to the children of the isolated communities. However, her knowledge on life is drawn from folklore, fairy tales, the gossip in the village and the angry Old Testament.
Given this, her lessons are bordering on child abuse.

Meantime, for some more of her utter nonsense follow Mistress here on twitter:

See more about Mistress MacKenzie here:



These are absolutely fantastic; I’ll have to listen to them again later.”
Janice Forsyth Culture Show
BBC Radio Scotland

My character-based sketch show, The Shark’s Mouth, enjoyed a four-week mini-series on BBC Radio Scotland in 2013 and one of the characters, Mistress MacKenzie, was commissioned for a half-hour sitcom. Mistress MacKenzie and Friends was produced by The Comedy Unit and aired on BBC Radio Scotland in October and December 2014 and was also featured on various radio Scotland programmes including Christmas CrackersFeeling Kind of Funny and The Janice Forsyth Show. Mistress MacKenzie has also appeared LIVE at The Stand Comedy Club, The Netherbow Theatre, Lach’s Antihoot, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Glasgow Comedy Festival, The Brighton Fringe, The Leith Festival and The Tron Theatre. We are now in development for a full series for Mistress MacKenzie as well as a live theatre show. 

My character comedy monologue series, The Shark’s Mouth, which aired last year is still available on iPlayer – here are the links:

Katie is a smart, successful, funny woman with crockery to die for.  A nice companion would make her life complete.  She is tired of dating drunks and freaks, so in an desperate attempt at finding love she joins a dating website.
It does not go well.

LISTEN HEREDonatella Pringle (with Eva Vaskova)
Donatella Pringle is a tour guide for 30+ singles holiday company, Last Chance. However, after a spot of romantic turbulance, Donatella finds herself once again single.  Today, as she meets her new tour group, will she be able to separate the professional from the personal.
Probably not!

LISTEN HEREGrainne O’Grady (and Mammy)
Grainne O’Grady is a Glaswegian-Irish nurse, she works in Accident and Emergency in The Glasgow Royal. She would absolutely love to find love but at 47 she has never even had a boyfriend.  So, Mammy O’Grady encourages her daughter to make a video for YouTube so as to introduce her to the widest aray of single men.
Cue Cringe Comedy.

Keara Stand Up for Pudsey

Keara Murphy’s show is a character-based comedy show dealing with four women and their perceptions of love and men.  Poignantly funny in places, dark and sinister in others, Murphy moves skilfully from one character to another with ease and interweaves the story of an Irish woman looking for love, a repressed tennis club president, a Glaswegian harridan and a failed nightclub singer (who is humorously, constantly interrupted by the club announcer). The stories’ endings lead to a whole new set of questions and possibilities for the characters, and it is to Murphy’s credit as an actress and comedian that she makes us care about what happens to them after she leaves the stage.
A very good piece from a wonderful performer
Fresh Air, Edinburgh University Radio
(For the live show, Little Love Affairs.)

Screen Shot Velvet SoupStill from BBC2 sketch show, Velvet Soup

Murphy is a great character actress whose comic creations go beyond the one-dimensional sketches; they live –  and make you laugh and cry.  I urge you to see this show.
Kate Copstick
(For live show, Little Love Affairs)

Murphy seems to act with 100mph hilarity with her electric stage-presence and her host of characters and sketches. Her show purportedly covers the history of motion pictures but somehow manages to squeeze in a Weakest Link- Style Film Noir competition, a ‘Name-That-Quote’ round, a Wizard of Oz-style sing-a-long and a celebrity puppet show. This magnificent production is a genuine delight and Murphy’s charisma so exuberant that I even found myself singing along at one point. Go and see this show right now; you won’t regret it
(For the live show, Silver Scream)

For the latest on the sitcom, Mistress MacKenzie and Friends see here