I am a trained professional actor and voice-over artist.  I graduated from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, with a B.A in Drama and Theatre Arts in 2002 and went on to enjoy a successful voice-over career in Edinburgh and beyond, recording a range of voice-overs for public health campaigns, commercials, music albums, art galleries, live theatre shows, short films, videos and corporate.

A talent for impersonations which is quite outstanding
Edinburgh Evening News

If you would like to hear it now, please send me an email to Hello@KearaMurphy and I will send you the mp3.

I am a character actress and have enjoyed radio success in the past couple of years with a mini series featuring a range of comic characters collectively called, The Shark’s Mouth.

My natural voice is featured on this monologue which is available to listen to now on BBC iPlayer here:

You can also hear my voice introducing a comedy monologue
here on BBC iPlayer:
The Outsiders

My full BBC Radio Scotland character monologue series can be listened to here on BBC iPlayer:
The Shark’s Mouth

Keara and Colin Cropped

With Colin McCredie in the studo (shown here on iPlayer) after recording Mistress MacKenzie and Friends

Mistress MacKenzie, who is featured in The Shark’s Mouth,  has been given her own show, Mistress MacKenzie and Friends which made its debut on BBC Radio Scotland on 4th October 2014 and will air again on the 30th December – so please do tune in. You can also find me on twitter for updates on the show @KearaPatricia

The show is now in development for a full series and is being produced by The Comedy Unit for
BBC Radio Scotland

In Al James’ Studio

I have made many appearances on radio including contributions to Celtic Connections, The Radio Cafe, The Comedy Cafe and MacAulay&Co.  

I also appeared on Peoplewatch, a spoof natural history comedy show for BBC Radio Scotland. I co-hosted in character as Lorraine Kelly.

Other impressions I do include Kirsty Wark, Oprah, Judge Judy, Vanessa, Dolly Parton, Jessica Rabbit, Carole Smillie, The Queen, Kate Middleton, Marge Simpson, Liza Minelli, Nicola Sturgeon, Cheryl Cole, Marriella Fostrup and many, many more.

If you would like to hear it now, please send me an email to Hello@KearaMurphy and I will send you the mp3.

Close your eyes and Lorraine Kelly is in the room

A talent for impersonations which is quite outstanding

Mistress of the wicked mimic!
The List

She does a mean Kirsty Wark!
Fred MacAuley

I was making a voiceover to accompany an album release and promo video for Callum Beattie.  My first choice was pretty obvious, who else but the talented Keara Murphy.  Keara came into the studio and delivered ‘to a T’ exactly the energy, vibe and commercial tone I was looking for. Ever the consummate professional, Keara’s talents for voiceover work are highly recommended and
I would use her every single time
Al James
Music Producer


A veritable comedic jukebox
The Skinny

My brand new documentary, The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns, will air on Burns’ Day
– 25th January 2015 at 6pm on
BBC Radio Scotland

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