Finalist (And only woman) in Take The Mic

Murphy acts with 100mph hilarity with her electric stage-presence and her host of characters and sketches. Her show purportedly covers the history of motion pictures but somehow manages to squeeze in a Weakest Link- Style Film Noir competition, a ‘Name-That-Quote’ round, a Wizard of Oz-style sing-a-long and a celebrity puppet show. This magnificent production is a genuine delight and Murphy’s charisma so exuberant that I even found myself singing along at one point. Go and see this show right now; you won’t regret it
“Silver Scream”

Mistress MacKenzie and Archie

A great character actress whose comic creations go beyond the one-dimensional sketches; they live! And make you laugh and cry. I urge you to see this show.”
Kate Copstick

Murphy’s amateur radio ham (Mistress MacKenzie) from a remote corner of Scotland is an oddball delight!

The highlight of the evening was Keara Murphy, a genius veering between breathy 40s American actress and bored upper class housewife. Her Pièce de résistance, however, involves a remake of the Hitchcock film, Dial M for Murder. Substituting Lorraine Kelly for her American namesake, Murphy creates a sidesplitting murder scene featuring a very evil Kirsty Wark and Emu as her accomplice in madness.
She’s Eddie Izzard with less make-up and more Glasgow
and what more could we desire?


Review of The Edinburgh Comedy Collective at The Stand,
21 February 2012

Close your eyes and Lorraine Kelly is in the room.

Review of The Edinburgh Comedy Collective at The Stand, 23rd November 2011

Keara Murphy showcased her comedy acting and mimicry talents while delivering a very funny and well written set on the history of women in TV.  As always Ms Murphy’s stage presence is imposing and it was good to see her performing once again at the very top of her game.”

Review of 2010 Fringe Show: Travelling Circus

Standing on-stage in heels like some Glaswegian Amazonian, Keara Murphy introduces her Travelling Circus focusing on the clownish antics of life. Her material ranges from unhealthy emotional attachments to sex toys to impersonations of Oprah Winfrey’s televised world domination, and her tone is warming and indulgent; she speaks with a constant undertone of incredulity, as if perplexed by her own eccentricity. Murphy’s carnival of life will definitely tickle your fancy.

Feature of 2010 Brighton Fringe Show: Travelling Circus

Stories from her two years living in central and Eastern Europe and Budapest where she ran a comedy club are mixed with tales of her upbringing and her first job as a housing officer in Glasgow’s Gorbals area. “I had to police the crumbling tower blocks riddled with dampness and asbestos and God knows what else. It was a Basil Spence design and they asked people what they wanted. ‘Front and back gardens and up and down stairs,’ they said. So they all got verandas and it ended up being a security nightmare. I’ve got quite a routine about the back stairs which was basically a Dickensian marketplace.

Review of 2009 Fringe Show: Lyre Burd

Quite an actress and no mean mimic… she has stage-presence, confidence and a whole raft of funny material in her locker.