Here are some fun character faces along with a few clips of some sketches from down the years…


Velvet Soup with Steve McNicoll

The Potato Garden with Leigh Garden


Training Video

My brand new character sketch show, Mistress MacKenzie and Friends made its debut in October 2014 and will be repeated on 30th December. You can listen to a clip of Mistress MacKenzie here along with discovering the other characters who starred in the original mini-series, The Shark’s Mouth

Mistress Mac And Archie Croppped

Mistress Mac and her Flying Squirrel, Archie!

Murphy’s amateur radio ham (Mistress MacKenzie) from a remote corner of Scotland is an oddball delight!
British Comedy Guide

Mistress MacKenzie and Friends is in development for a full series. Do look out for her later next year. She is going to be huge!

Meantime, you can find her on twitter @MistressMacKenz You can ask her anything using the hash tag #AskMistress and she will probably make you scones and knit you cardigans whilst giving you really dodgy but fun advice.

This is the face people usually make when they first meet Mistress MacKenzie, but don’t worry, it won’t last! She’ll have you giggling away in no time.


Are you serious?